Slow Fashion

It's Fashion Revolution week. What's that, you say? Well I didn't know either until just a few days ago. It is a movement to ask for more fair working conditions and greater transparency of who is making the clothes we wear. Five years ago, a factory in Bangladesh collapsed because of the unsafe conditions that... Continue Reading →


Mila Dress

Mila is the newest pattern to be released by Sansahash, just a couple days ago and it's on sale for $5.50 through Tuesday, April 24th. Pattern Description:  Drop-waisted dress with options of gathered or pleated skirt, made with knit fabrics (50% strech recommended). The top also has an optional V back that can be made with... Continue Reading →

Stripey Mermaid Maxi

If I could say one thing about the new Tie Dye Diva Mermaid Maxi pattern it is FIT TO FLATTER! Jen from Tie Dye Diva has been making patterns for 10 years for children, but this is the first one that is specifially for women. I'd say she's off to a great start! The Mermaid Maxi has two views -... Continue Reading →

Glitter Dress

Be it February, we miiight be a bit behind on the making and blogging. January went by with lots of doctor visits for both my daughter and husband who took turns each week getting sick. Thankfully, I came out the other side unscathed! Christmas is a special time for our family as with most. The... Continue Reading →

Toddler Undies

What's better than a potty trained toddler? Free undies for said toddler! I got the Made it Patterns Play Pants pattern for free and had it stashed for the time I would need it. My toddler graduated to level 3 of the Oh Crap Potty Training book (highly highly recommended if you are looking for... Continue Reading →

2017 Year in Review

2017 was the year of pants! I made 9 pairs of pants between my daughter, husband, niece, and myself. There were six dresses, all but one were for a two year old 😉 .. what can I say, I love having a girl to dress up! I also made some tops, a jacket, swim rash... Continue Reading →

Fit for a (Military) Ball

One of my neighbors contacted me a couple weeks ago, one Saturday afternoon. She asked me if I could make her a custom dress by Wednesday! At first I was thinking... I am not sure if that's possible given my other obligations at home. But she wanted something simple that fit her, was maxi length... Continue Reading →

School Bench

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Little Oaks Montessori owner, Dr. Heather Abott. She is well versed in child psychology, which makes her a great person to open up a Montessori. She wanted the new school to be inviting. She asked if I could make comfy a little bench cushion made for the... Continue Reading →

Flowery Blue Virginia Dress

My third pattern test has come to completion! A new pattern Virginia Tunic/Dress by Frocks and Frolics was released today. PS - there is a 25% coupon code for this weekend, in the Facebook group once you join. The pattern comes in tunic and dress length, has a unique yoke and can be embellished with... Continue Reading →

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