Summer Rash Guard 2.0

When I made rash guards last year, I didn't know what I was doing really. It was the first time I sewed with swim fabric, and it was quite the learning curve to deal with the slippery fabric. This year, though, I was able to bust these rash guard and shorts duo in no time!... Continue Reading →


2017 Year in Review

2017 was the year of pants! I made 9 pairs of pants between my daughter, husband, niece, and myself. There were six dresses, all but one were for a two year old 😉 .. what can I say, I love having a girl to dress up! I also made some tops, a jacket, swim rash... Continue Reading →

Summer Rash Guards

I know summer is unofficially over, but let's pretend it isn't. I mean, summer ends in North America Sept 21 so we have a couple weeks, right?! :)⠀ I made rash guard swimwear for my daughter, for her school's sprinkler days. Having her wear the traditional strappy swimsuits was in the air conditioning was not... Continue Reading →

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