Mini Me Salwar Kurta

I love wearing salwar kurtas. They are so comfortable and feminine. I feel dressed up while being extremely comfortable. My daughter, one day, seeing me wear one said she wanted one too. I finally made her one using an old one I had that didn't fit me anymore. Upcycling for the win! I loosely based... Continue Reading →

Cartwheel Collection – Pattern Review

I joined the Love Notions Brand Ambassador team a few weeks ago and today is the first Feature Friday sale that I could take part in. This week, the Cartwheel Collection is on sale for $5 and it is such a great deal! Update: Sale is running through Saturday. Pattern Description: This pattern has SIX... Continue Reading →

Memory Quilts

In Spring of 2017, I was starting to work up the courage to start my business. My friend, and neighbor at the time, trusted me and became one of my first clients. She had a box of onesies and shirts from her two kids when they were babies and toddlers. There were memories in these... Continue Reading →

2018 Year in Review

Happy new year! I had so much fun over the holidays and I wish you the best in the new year. The past year saw a growth in the sheer amount of sewing I did. I made 46 items vs 27 in 2017! I can say I am growing more confident in my sewing, which... Continue Reading →

Green Dressy Casual Dress

We got invited to another wedding. Yaaay! It was 2 weeks out and I decided that I wanted to make another dress for it, because the ones I have all have some sort of issue whether it is fit or being uncomfortable in them somehow. Besides, it gave me a chance to sew for the... Continue Reading →

Floral Oopsy Daisy Jumper

Confession: I have had this fabric to make some nice pants for Lillian for at least a year. It had been all planned out but she had so many pants already that still fit her. And then summer came and her pants were now capris and I still didn't need to make pants for her.... Continue Reading →

Dolman Tee Shirt

It's my birthday week this week! Officially entered into mid-30 *gasp*! And what better way to celebrate, than to do what I love to do - create! Although I haven't made anything this week - sickness has embraced our house and is not wanting to let go - I do plan to make/finish a couple... Continue Reading →

Peplum Twins

Peplum shirts are one of those styles I was scared to try. I felt they would make me look pregnant when I am not. So I was pleasantly surprised with how the Love Notions Margot Peplum fit on me. I knew I wanted to try the style after seeing similarly shaped people on Facebook sewing... Continue Reading →

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