Floral Oopsy Daisy Jumper

Confession: I have had this fabric to make some nice pants for Lillian for at least a year. It had been all planned out but she had so many pants already that still fit her. And then summer came and her pants were now capris and I still didn’t need to make pants for her. Sometimes, plans don’t work as well as you want them to.


However, this fabric was THE PERFECT one when Amy from Peek-a-boo Patterns put out a testing call for the updated Oopsy Daisy Jumper. It is a floral mini corduroy from Joann Fabrics.


Alright, so the Jumper is pretty well drafted and written.


I ESPECIALLY like the method of creating the back pockets – you know how you have to turn the tops down twice then fold the edges, and you get a big lump that your machine starts thinking you are crazy if you want it to go through 8 layers… Yeah well, the way Amy does it, it is MAGIC! Okay, maybe not magic but pretty close to it. I was, however, truly confused with the instructions before I just did it. You have been warned.


Also, if this isn’t your first rodeo in sewing, you could definitely change the order of the steps to reduce the time you spend switching between top stitching thread and construction thread. For example, the instructions have you construct and top stitch the pockets first then move on to construction of the front, then top stitch that. You can put together the front pieces first then top stitch the pockets and the front together. If that is confusing – ignore me.

Pattern Sizes: I blended 18m chest and 2T height
Pattern Modifications: none


My thoughts on the pattern: It is a cute jumper and I would LOOOOVE to make more but my daughter is currently on a kick for long twirly dresses and does not see this as a dress. Seriously though, I thought I could get her with the exuberant amount of pockets, but I got nothing. Aaah well – maybe in a year, I’ll try again.


Oh and yes, she is a twirly dress, construction vehicles loving kinda girl! She got that remote controlled dump truck from her uncle and has been playing with it everyday. And she was in  construction vehicle heaven because our neighborhood was getting repaved and they parked right outside of our house. She got to watch the entire process!





Some links contained in this post may be affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you purchase through these links and helps keep running this blog. I was given the pattern for free but all opinions are my own.

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