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It’s my birthday week this week! Officially entered into mid-30 *gasp*! And what better way to celebrate, than to do what I love to do – create! Although I haven’t made anything this week – sickness has embraced our house and is not wanting to let go – I do plan to make/finish a couple more garments by the end of the summer for myself. Which is a lot, because I haven’t really made many things for myself over the years.


A couple months ago, on my Instagram account, I lamented that I had not made many garments for myself; instead spending my time filling my daughter’s closet. I set a goal to make at least 3 garments that I could not only wear, but love as well.


REFLECT ➿ #memademay left me a bit sad – seeing all the wonderful outfits left me wanting my own – like right now 🙃 and started to beating myself up for not putting the effort to make more for myself.⠀

But as I was hanging my daughter’s clothes, I realized where my time was being spent 😝 She has more #mommymade than RTW (10 to 7) and I love that. ⠀

Gift giving being one of my love languages – it’s natural for me to put my selfish sewing aside to make something for someone else. While I am very happy with that, I do have to remember that I need to give time for myself. Something most mothers struggle with. ⠀

All that to say, I want to take time this summer and make at least three garments that I can wear and love.

Not only, did I meet my goal, I surpassed it! FOUR different clothing items were added to my closet this summer. 💃 My sewing mojo is BACK people!! See my other makes -> Peplum top and Romper/dress

This is us in a sunflower field with our handmade wardrobe – post about Lillian’s birthday dress coming soon.


I started this summer, wanted to make something simple. I knew, being petite and having made a few adjustments in the past, that I was going to have to alter whatever pattern I picked, so I didn’t want to make things too complicated. COMPLICATED = LOW MOTIVATION to finish.


A simple flowy tee shirt was my garment of choice. The contenders:  Love Notion‘s Laundry Day Tee and Ellie and Mac‘s Every Day Tee. The Everyday Tee won out, simply because it had 3 pattern pieces.

The Every Day Tee comes in slim and loose fit versions – I picked the slim fit size L graded to XL. After holding the pieces up on me, decided that I needed 6 inches off the front and 3 off the back. The intended design is a longer shirt, but it was too much for me. During fitting, I removed another inch from both front and back shoulders.


The first one I made, I didn’t do a swayback. since it had a back center seam and I knew I could adjust it as I went along. What I did do, was transfer my changes to my traced out pattern pieces so I didn’t have to do that again, something I picked up in jeans making class.


Another change was to alter the curve on the hem. It was much too steep for my liking. Love my french curve for these types of changes!

Fabrics: I used a jersey Ikat print for the first one, I love the colors on this one! I have had this print for a couple years now, believe I got it from Craftsy during a sale. The silvery one, is a french terry that has a metallic sheen on the loopy side so I chose to keep that as the right side.


Funny story about the french terry shirt – it was part of a bundle box, from Sly Fox Fabrics, which had a huuuuge hole in the middle of it. I carefully cut around the hole, only to later discover I cut far too in to the selvedge – where there is no metallic sheen. This happened to be the front sleeve on my right side. What was I going to do now? I could cut it sleeveless but I really wanted sleeves. Then and idea came to me! CUFFS! I could add cuffs and no one would know. Thus, the cuffs. Although now, I really like the cuffs so I might add them to future ones I make. Funny how things work out, right?

What kind of sewing accidents have you made? and how did you fix them?


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