Alina Dress

Me? Wear a strappy dress? I don’t think so. 🤨 Other people look great in strappy dresses and such. I just feel naked. So I’m quite surprised that I really like this new dress I tested as a new tester for Rad Patterns.


Pattern Description:
The pattern is called Alina Romper and Dress. There are 4 versions in one – romper (shorts or long pants) or dress (below knee or tea length). And, it has POCKETS! Rejoice!! I love pockets just as much as my daughter, what can I say. 🤷‍♀️ The pattern is on sale until July 25 for $8.00 (no coupons needed).


Pattern Sizes:
All of Rad Patterns come in sizes XXS – 4X and is well drafted for all sizes. I made a size 4 on top graded down to 12 at the hips.


My thoughts on the pattern:
Once you make this pattern, it is so much easier to make again. The second time around, I didn’t even have to look at the instructions. There are quite a number of pieces to cut out, but it comes together fairly easily.


Features I like:
The racer back bodice, maybe that’s helping me in not feeling so naked. The skirt is a nice full one, but it also doesn’t get in the way when I’m walking. The crossover top would have been great when I was breastfeeding. Oh and did I mention pockets?! 🙂


A bit self conscious about my back so this next picture is waaaay out of my comfort zone.


Pattern Modifications:
I had to shorten the bodice 1.5″ because of my short torso. I think I could further shorten it another 1″.

And adding a lining was a must, it is DEFINITELY see through. The lining fabric was muslin fabric previously used to make this dress.

Fabric Used:
I’m on a fabric ban of some sorts (unless absolutely necessary) so using my fabric library meant I had to get creative. I had 5 different colors of crepe but none of them had the 3 some yards required for the pattern. Original plan was to use the teal crepe for the skirt and grey for the top was great, but it looked…wrong mismatched? I don’t know the word I’m looking for but I didn’t like it.


Color blocking to the rescue! I cut out a curved piece of the bodice (started at 3″ in and tapered down to 1/2″ out of the teal crepe. Even this had to pieced together because there was that little fabric left over. The join is hardly noticeable with the other lines mixed in. With the bodice blocks together, I was pressing the seam and all I could think of was “I’M GOING TO LOOK LIKE A STAR TREK SCIENCE OFFICER!!” Yes, I admit my nerdiness openly, having to go through 4 years of computer engineering does that to you. 🤓

Aaaanyway, to counteract the Star Trek vibe I had going on, I decided to do some free hand machine embroidery. Some flowers going down the neckline, did the trick. I was planning on adding some to the skirt portion but my back gave out the next day. Maybe later. Who am I kidding, that’s never going to happen!


Even my pockets were color blocked, due to a lack of fabric. The part that gets attached to the skirt is the same teal as the skirt, so it doesn’t stand out, but the inside is a slightly different color. Instead of sewing the seams and pressing them, I overlapped the two pieces and ran a ziz zag stitch – helps keep it flat.


Would I sew it again? Would I recommend it to others?
Yes, and yes! It is a great summer garment. Just make sure to get a flowy woven fabric for it. The first version I made was in a slightly stiffer cotton (not quilting cotton) but it wasn’t looking right. I’m eventually going to take it apart and redo it.

PS – how cute is my little photographer? 😍 I set up the tripod while my daughter was asleep and then had her “help” by clicking the remote as many times as she wanted. It was my way of keeping her from photo bombing 


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